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Born to Eat

Food spread

I was born to love food. Both of my parents are food enthusiasts. My father is a food adventurer, and he pulled me along for the ride. He opened my palate to every type of food by never allowing me to say no to trying new foods. Coming to America was the best thing that could have happened to us. It gave my father access to the foods of the entire world.

My mother is the food artist, and my connection to my Viet food roots. There is not a Viet dish that my Mom can’t make, and early on – when there was not a large Viet population in America – there was a paucity of Asian markets, but my Mom was still able to source the ingredients or find comparable substitutes. Mom loves savory, pungent, and eye-popping flavors – the stronger the better. Dad, on the other hand, is all about the sweet, soft, subtle flavors. While Dad is the king of snacking, Mom is about the full-on meal, be it just one dish or a 5-course dinner.

Together, they produced me, the frenzied food fiend. My family life revolved around food. They taught me that to truly enjoy food you shouldn’t be concerned about the expense of it or the difficulty of attaining it. Food equals love and happiness, and if you have it, then you most definitely must share it!!!!

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