Stream of Consciousness

Cloudy with a Chance of Whipped Cream

Whipped cream and fudge

I remember one of the rare, relatively decent summer days in DC. Not too humid, but hot. The sky was the color of asters topped off with fluffy, blindingly white clouds. They resembled cotton candy blowing in the wind or whipped rotund dollops of cream dropped on a blue Mediterranean plate. I spent many a summer day lying in the shade of a tree watching the clouds go by. I still, to this day, wonder how they would taste. I know that there would be no actual taste, but my imagination had me tasting flavored spun sugar, or heady vanilla, in a smooth light air filled cream. While other kids were pointing out turtle or train shaped clouds, I would point out burgers and sundaes and mountains of popcorn. My mind tends to imagine foods when looking at objects. I truly understand why they named a mountain “Sugar Loaf” cuz I could see it!!

When my Bo took me to Luray Caverns, the highlight of my traverse into the damp caves was when we came upon the formations they called Bacon and Sunnyside Up. Though we were deep underground, I could smell and hear the sizzle of the bacon and eggs frying, and I wondered how long would it take to cook that huge strip of “bacon”. Was it humanly possible to eat that much? Do all these things mean that I am obsessed with food? Yes, and maybe addicted.

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