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Jovian Pantry® Caramel Braising Sauce

Everyone loves the taste of a home-made meal but in our busy world, there is enough time. Jovian Pantry® has solved this problem with our Caramel Braising Sauce. We have taken the traditional Vietnamese Caramel Braising Sauce recipe and bottled it just for you. The ingredients are specially blended so that all you need is your favorite meat, seafood, veggies or tofu. It is quick and easy to use but all your dishes will taste like it took all day to make.

Jovian Pantry® Viet Vinaigrette

Jovian Pantry® Viet Vinaigrette is our take on the traditional Vietnamese prepared fish sauce used for dipping spring rolls and putting on rice noodles and salads. It melds together the savoriness of fish sauce, the zestiness of lemon, the sweetness of cane sugar, and a touch of spiciness with chilies. It can be used many different ways, such as a low-fat dressing for your vegetable dishes and salads. Serve it on the side as a dipping sauce or as a marinade for meats. Our Viet Vinaigrette will give your dishes a burst of tangy and spicy flavor filled with umami!

Spices and Seasonings

Jovian Pantry® Phở Spice Sachet

Jovian Pantry® Phở Spice Sachet is made with an authentic blend of premium whole spices that are critical to making a delicious Phở broth. No longer will you have to traverse the elements to visit your local Vietnamese restaurant every time you crave the warmth and comfort of this dish. With our Phở Spice Sachet, you can make your own Phở at home and enjoy it anytime you want!

Jovian Pantry® V Spice Seasoning

Jovian Pantry® V Spice Seasoning is made to be used on anything and everything. Use it as a rub for your favorite protein before roasting or grilling, or add it to grilled or sauteed veggies for an extra kick. Made with our own special five spice blend, you can easily add warmth and complexity to any dish.