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Jovian Pantry® Sesame Dressing

NEW! Sesame Dressing

Simple doesn’t have to be boring. Jovian Pantry® Sesame Dressing is more than a condiment. The nutty flavor of toasted sesame, the sweetness of cane sugar, and the umami of tamari mingle together to create a mix of rich, exuberant lusciousness to any dish. Salads become full-bodied, and marinated meats stay moist and tender while infused with flavor. Our Sesame Dressing makes preparing food easy and authentically delicious.

Jovian Pantry® Caramel Braising Sauce

Caramel Braising Sauce

Everyone loves a home-cooked meal but sometimes there’s just not enough time. The solution is Jovian Pantry® Caramel Braising Sauce! We’ve taken the traditional Vietnamese Caramel Braising recipe and bottled it for the everyday chef. Specially blended with the perfect amount of spices and seasonings, just add your favorite meat, seafood, tofu, or veggies. It’s quick and easy to use, but your meal will be authentic and delicious!

Jovian Pantry® Viet Vinaigrette

Viet Vinaigrette

Jovian Pantry® Viet Vinaigrette is our take on the traditional Vietnamese prepared fish sauce recipe, usually used for dipping or finishing. The savoriness of fish sauce, brightness of lemon, sweetness of cane sugar, and a kiss of heat from chilies meld to create a deep, complex taste. It’s great as a low-fat dressing for vegetable dishes and salads, or as a marinade for meats and seafood. Try it as a dipping sauce with spring rolls, chicken wings, or dumplings. Our Viet Vinaigrette easily gives your dish a burst of flavor that is easy to use and always authentic and delicious!

Jovian Pantry® VS BBQ Sauce

VS BBQ Sauce

Ours is not your typical barbecue sauce. Jovian Pantry® VS BBQ Sauce adds smoky, warm flavors with the help of our special five spice blend, balanced with layers of piquant sweetness and savoriness for an exhilarating taste sensation. It’s great for when you are roasting and grilling, or you can use it as a dipping sauce when you want to add impact. Swap it out in recipes that call for regular barbecue sauce to give your dishes an exciting new twist that is easy, authentic, delicious!

Spice Blends and Seasonings

Jovian Pantry® Pho Spice Sachet

Phở Spice Sachet

Jovian Pantry® Phở Spice Sachet is a blend of premium whole spices, whose freshness is critical to making a delicious Phở broth. No longer will you have to trek to your local Vietnamese restaurant, because now you can enjoy the warmth and comfort of this soup at home. Add authentic flavor to any choice of your favorite broth, whether store-bought or made from scratch. With our Phở Spice Sachet, you can make your own easy, authentic, delicious Phở anytime you want!

Jovian Pantry® V Spice Seasoning

V Spice Seasoning

The star of Jovian Pantry® V Spice Seasoning is our special five spice blend, freshly ground from premium spices that impart a fragrant depth to any dish. Rub it onto your favorite protein before roasting or grilling or sprinkle it over veggie dishes to heighten their flavor. It’s also great for cuts of meat that need an extra aromatic touch, like lamb chops. This seasoning is meant to be used on anything and everything because it’s easy, authentic, delicious!